Jurassic/Explorer Weekend

Come and have a prehistoric time with us! Enjoy exploring the campground and all our fun activities. Have fun with FREE FOR CAMPERS Live Band, “Eight Second Ride.”

Magic/Superhero Weekend

Capes weekend. Two different worlds collide. Join us for a Superpowers weekend. Come Dressed like your favorite Superhero or come with a cape and hat and some tricks of your own! Participate in our crafts and enjoy “extraordinary” experiences.”

Artistic/Special Talent Weekend

This weekend is all about talent. Get into your artistic side and Join us for a weekend to show off any and all your talents or any special abilities you may have! From common to exceptional, we can't wait to share talents with you!

Galactic/Space Weekend

From Aliens to Moon Walking Astronauts, Come dressed Space Themed. Be ready to enjoy some galactic activities. Astronauts aren’t the only thing that makes this weekend spaced-out. Aliens have invaded Harbour Village! Naughty or nice--who knows?See Ya in Space!!

Halloween Weekend

Spooky times are here. From ghoulie activities, to Costume Contest, to some awesome fun Trick or Treating, we look forward to seeing your best Costumes yet! Happy Halloween!

Hawaii Luau Weekend

“Aloha!” We can't wait to have some fun with you on our “Island!” Come dressed up “Hawaiian.” Have an awesome time with us swimming, making crafts, and jamming to the FREE FOR CAMPERS Live Band, “ALL IN”!And, of course, we will be having a Hula Contest!

Labor Day Weekend

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with us! This is the last weekend our water park is open, so come ready to make a splash. Craft/rummage/bake sale! Enjoy the Live Band, “The Cougars”! FREE-to-ENTER FOR HARBOUR VILLAGE CAMPERS ONLY.

Homecoming Weekend

Come dressed for Homecoming and enjoy some crafts and activities with us. Don’t forget to vote for Homecoming Queen/King.

Sleepover/Slumber Party Weekend

From pillow fights to Pranks! Snoozing is what this weekend is all about! Come dressed in your most stylish or most comfortable P’J’s. Relax and make crafts and enjoy the park with us!

Oktoberfest Weekend

Join us for some awesome Root Beer Floats, Beer Games, and Treasure Hunts this weekend!

Sports Weekend

Enjoy sports weekend with us. We will Celebrate all sports teams. Show us who's your favorite team! Enjoy our last Live Band, “Just About Right.”FREE ENTRANCE FOR HV CAMPERS.